Dr Vladimir Krulj’s Prognosis for the Zagreb Summit

Interview with Dr Vladimir Krulj, Economic Fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs, London. The next six months will be essential for both the European Union and the countries of the Western Balkans aspiring to join the EU, according to European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen. She was speaking in Zagreb at the start…


Strange Strangers

photo copyright by Thijs Huizer This weekend on Saturday 14th December the Belgian première of the modern dance performance “Out of the Blue” will be staged at De Warandepoort Theatre in Tervuren, by the dynamic young dance team “Strange Strangers”. You will be hearing a lot more about these creative performers in the months to…


The Sweet Taste of Freedom

I had the pleasure of meeting Roman Suschenko today in the company of his friend and colleague Dmytro Shkurko the Brussels based correspondent for Ukrinform, the national news agency for Ukraine. Roman was in Brussels for a private visit, to brief the European Parliament and officials from the EU institutions about the harsh realities of…





Money Laundering Capital?

London, one of the world’s great international cities, is home to countless nationalities, a thriving financial sector and a diverse cultural scene. It also has a more sinister side; a property market well known as one of the world’s prime destinations for foreign politicians, dignitaries and businessmen to stash their ill-gotten gains. A recent study…


Bokrijk at Christmas

It’s one of Belgium’s top tourist attractions and Christmas promises to be even more of an extra special occasion at the Bokrijk open air museum in Limburg. During Bokrijk’s winter evenings, its nostalgic carnival and rides from yesteryear take visitors back in time to their childhood. People can enjoy a fairground theatre, dance and music entertainment…


Mary Delluc – the sweet smell of success

When Mary Delluc opened a chocolaterie at 129 rue Royale in Brussels in 1919 (quickly followed by a tea room) could she have imagined that a century later, she would still be one of the leading names in high-end chocolate? The answer is almost certainly not. But Mary’s “sweet smell of success” and her delicious creations live on…