Regional voice in a global academic

Regional voice in a global academic world

I met with Ekaterina Tsaranok the Founder of the Modern Education & Research Institute, based in Brussels, which is dedicated to the modernisation of the teaching profession and to the adaptation of professors to the quickly changing educational environment. The  members of the Institute are universities and individual professors from the countries of Central Asia, the Eastern…





The Sound of Drowning

The bathing season is in full swing – and with it, drowning season. Contrary to popular belief, the signs of drowning do not usually include flailing arms and cries for help; people typically drown in silence. To shed light on this common misconception and to engage more people to act in near-drowning situations, Trygg-Hansa, a leading insurance…


Promoting US-Balkan Student Exchanges

On the anniversary of two high water marks of multilateralism  NATO completes seventy (70) years and the Kosovo war completes twenty (20) years, the West faces an existential crisis., writes Gregory Melus. Presently, the populist political star burns bright, cultural and political trends reorient themselves inwards, societies differ and people drift apart.  In these quiet…


50th Anniversary for IFAW

by Staci McLennanDirector of IFAW’s EU office. This month the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is celebrating its 50th anniversary and half a century of work helping animals, people and the planet. It all started when a small group of people got together to stop Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt. Fourteen years later, the effort…