China’s Failings Revealed by US Commission Report

With each passing day, the US-China rivalry intensifies as Beijing struggles to compete against Washington’s power and influence, writes Dr. Jianli Yang. America’s regard for democracy and advocacy of liberal ideals are major impediments for China’s aspiration to drive global politics and the economy. They also hinder the Chinese Communist Party’s rule within Chinese territory….

Council Statement on EU-China Relations

The Council issued a statement after this week’s EU/China video conference. Council President Charles Michel stated, “I’m pleased that we could speak by video conference with President Xi, with Ursula von der Leyen and Chancellor Angela Merkel. Unfortunately, our physical meeting in Leipzig wasn’t possible. Europe needs to be a player, not a playing field….

Soros calls for Bond Issue to tackle COVID-19

George Soros has called for countries including Germany and the Netherlands to “think again” and consider his proposal that the EU should issue perpetual bonds to fund the two trillion Euros needed to tackle COVID-19 and climate change.  The financier and philanthropist says these threats are the “crisis of my lifetime” that “endangers the survival…

Taiwan Elections: China’s Belligerence Key Issue For Voters

Taiwan is on the frontline of China’s sharp power, none more so than in the run up to this weekend’s presidential elections. In order to guard against infiltration from China and to protect Taiwan’s democratic way of life, the Taiwan parliament passed the anti-infiltration act on 31 December 2019. This was with one eye on the…