EU and Morocco Strategic Partnership Unshaken

EU Morocco Trade

Last week the European Court of Justice issued a decision on legal actions for annulment brought by the separatist terrorist organisation Polisario against two Council decisions concerning the conclusion of agreements between the European Union and Morocco.  The agreements concern EU imports of agricultural products originating in Morocco and sustainable fisheries. Polisario lodged the applications…

Bulgaria Political Crisis

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament say they are following the developments of the political crisis in Bulgaria with “great concern.” S&D MEPs state their solidarity with the protesters and their demand for fair elections and upholding the rule of law. This is why the S&D Group will call for a plenary debate in the Parliament.  S&D…

EU Belarus Co-operation

Civil Liberties MEPs have backed two agreements with Belarus to facilitate the return of persons without the right to stay and the issue of visas for short trips. These texts have been under negotiation for 5 years. In a remote voting session, the Civil Liberties Committee endorsed the readmission agreement with 54 votes to 13….