Protecting the EP from Foreign Influence

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European Parliament’s special committee on foreign interference and disinformation (INGE) MEPs have voted on their position on the reforms to strengthen the integrity, transparency and accountability of the European Parliament.  The report – approved by a large majority – gives the Parliament and its members clear guidelines on transparency and on how to protect the European…

Is Russia Planning Hybrid Attacks on Europe from Africa?

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Photo by Dylan Hunter on Unsplash On 11 May, the US ambassador to South Africa, Reuben Brigeti, said he was aware of arms shipments from the republic to Russia. This precedent occurred in the first decade of December 2022, when the Russian ship Lady R was in the port of Simonstown, where, under conditions of strict secrecy, a…

Russia Faces Demographic Catastrophe

In 2021, Russia witnessed an unprecedented population decline: the number of deaths exceeded 2.4 million people. This is the highest figure since 1945. Natural decline, excluding migration, came very close to the 1 million mark. Irreversible consequences, provoked by the demographic catastrophe, are already taking place in Russia. The reasons for the permanent reduction of…

Russian Passport as a Tool of Annexation

Russian Passport as tool of Annexation

Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine is testing a new form of “legitimate” annexation – a voluntary and forced passportisation of Ukrainians. Putin is artificially setting a precedent to justify interference in the affairs of a sovereign state under the pretext of protecting the interests of “Russian people. The Russian president has repeatedly stated…

Turkey’s Co-operation with Russia May Trigger Secondary Sanctions

Turkey may be subject to secondary sanctions by the countries of the West through close cooperation with Russia After the meeting between Kremlin chief Putin and Turkish President Erdogan, Western leaders are increasingly concerned about the deepening of economic ties between Turkey and Russia. Politicians warn that the risk of secondary sanctions against Turkey is…

Russia’s Declaration About “Unfriendly States”

Josep Borrell

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell has issued the following statement:- Russia: Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the expansion of the list of so-called “unfriendly States” The European Union deplores the decision of the Russian government on 20 July 2022 to add five EU member states…

Will Russia be able to preserve its sovereignty?

“The end result of the special military operation in Ukraine will be achieved in any case, and it will lead to the strengthening of Russia’s sovereignty,” Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to declare. At least, he has tried to push such messages during a meeting with the leaders of the factions of the State Duma….

Russia Achieves First Place as World’s No. 1 Terrorist State

Russia Terrorist State

Russia is the No. 1 terrorist country in the world. It could perhaps be more accurately described as an international criminal mafia organisation rather than a country. The Russian Federation illegally invaded Ukraine and has for the last 4 months been indiscriminately attacking civilians and their property throughout Ukraine in violation of all international law….

Taking on the Mantle of Peter the Great

Peter the Great

On June 9, Putin announced that the mantle of Peter the Great had fallen on him. Peter the Great “did not seize, but reclaimed” Russia’s lands, and, among other things, fought with Sweden for 21 years.  Putin made a “dictatorial coming-out”, which essentially revealed the true reasons for the so-called “special operation” to seize Ukraine. …

Let’s Not Talk About 100 Days of War

Ukrainian Resistance

Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine has now passed more than 100 days, when the Russian leadership had previously talked about a “special military operation” that they bragged would be completed in 3 days. The Russian leadership now purposefully keeps silent about the war in Ukraine. They hope by this action to prevent anti-war protests within…