For Healthier More Sustainable Food In Europe

Sustainable Food

The European Commission must strongly resist any attempt by the US to use the newly created transatlantic collaboration platform on agriculture to undermine the implementation of a healthier and more sustainable European food system, Compassion in World Farming EU warned today.    “Partnering with the US on agriculture to tackle sustainability and climate change is a…

Promoting Plant Rich Diets

Two powerful European Parliament committees have called on the European Commission to promote healthy plant-rich diets as part of a sustainable EU food strategy. The NGO Compassion in World Farming EU welcomes this call, as ambitious measures are needed in order to improve our food systems for the benefit of people, animals and the planet….

Czech Compassion for Chickens

Millions of laying hens in Czechia will no longer be confined in cruel cages from 2027. On Friday, the Czech Senate, the upper house of Parliament, voted to confirm the ban on cages passed by the lower house in September. Compassion in World Farming warmly welcomes this new step towards ending the caging of farm…