Poland in the ECJ Dock Again

The Polish government is being taken to the European Court again over lack of independence of the judiciary. The move, announced by the commission on Wednesday, has been welcomed by the RE group. A statement read, “We welcome the European Commission’s announcement that it will launch an infringement procedure against Poland over the “muzzle law”….

ECJ Dismisses The Peoples’ Case

The European Court of Justice announced its judgement in the landmark “People’s Case” initiated by 10 families and the indigenous Saami youth organisation whose fundamental rights are affected by the climate crisis. The Court decided to uphold the decision of the first instance court (European General Court) and to dismiss the case on procedural grounds….

ECJ Rules Poland Out of Line

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has issued a ruling that Poland’s legislative amendments to the rules for appointing judges to the Supreme Court in 2018 and 2019 are in breach of EU law.  The ruling on Tuesday, which commands the Polish PiS-government to withdraw the changes, once again highlights the Polish Government’s unacceptable crackdown…

Parliament Calls for Fairer Corporate Taxes

The European Court of Justice decided to cancel the payment of 13 billion Euros of “unlawful” state aid received by Apple. Following the decision, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have now called on member states to “take action in order to ensure fairer taxation.” Jonás Fernandez, S&D spokesman on taxation, said “The ruling issued…