Is Investment in Gas Green?

Is gas green energy?

The EPP group says gas “can bridge the gap” and reduce CO2 emissions faster. In a statement, it said, “To reduce Europe’s CO2 emissions, we also need gas. Not for ever and everywhere, but for a transitional period and in certain situations.” It goes on, “Gas is the cleanest fossil energy source and gas infrastructure…

EPP Wants More Health powers for EU

Drawing lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, the EPP Group says it wants more health powers for the EU. It will vote in favour of increasing cross-border health cooperation and of strengthening the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).  The European Parliament will debate and vote this week on the two new laws. “One…

Airport Intelligence and ORTEC join forces to optimise airport operations

Airport Intelligence

Airport Intelligence, Brussels Airport’s consulting subsidiary, and ORTEC, the market leader in data-driven decision support, have started a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to optimise airport processes around the world, to improve the overall passenger experience and operational efficiency. Airport Intelligence harnesses expertise in airport operations and combines it with ORTEC’s data science knowledge and technology….