European Cyber Security Month

October marks the kick-off of the European Cyber security month coordinated by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), the European Commission and supported by the Member States.  This campaign will focus on expanding awareness about cybersecurity to citizens across Europe. The 2019 campaign focuses on different themes addressing the need for behavioural change and…

Europe to become top Supercomputing Region

Eight sites for supercomputing centres have been selected across the EU to host the first European supercomputers.  They will support Europe’s researchers, industry and businesses in developing new applications in a wide range of areas, from designing medicines and new materials to fighting climate change. In a major step towards making Europe a top supercomputing…

Ukrainian experience in hybrid war

EU Strengthening Cybersecurity

Russia started its cyber attacks in Ukraine in 2014 during the occupation of Crimea. Ukraine became a poligon of cyber exercises, and this experience will be used during the electoral campaigns in Europe. Ukrainian experts told about their experience and gave advice on how to counteract to Russia’s hybrid war tactics.

Strengthening EU Cybersecurity

EU Strengthening Cybersecurity

Multiple challenges in strengthening EU cybersecurity remain despite the progress made, according to a new Briefing Paper from the European Court of Auditors. As the risk of falling victim to cybercrime or a cyberattack increases, it is essential to build resilience through strengthening governance, raising skills and awareness, and improving coordination, say the auditors. They…