Has Putin Lost China as an Ally?

XI Jinping and Vladimir Putin

On 27 October, President Xi Jinping said that China should develop dialogue with the West on equal terms. By the word “West”, the Chinese Secretary General meant the United States, and in fact confirmed Beijing’s focus on the formation of a bipolar world in which China will become a superpower. Earlier, on 25 October, President…

China: While economy slides, Premier LI Keqiang’s political star shines

LI Keqiang

Last week, in an unusual move, Chinese Prime Minister LI Keqiang who has been recently in the news for his reported opposition to strict anti-Covid lockdown, held video talks with thousands of officials holding different ranks in the government. This was an emergency meeting and the Chinese Prime Minister talked about the health of the country’s economy, writes Jianli Yang….

China Forcing Organ Removal From Prisoners

Illegal Organ Removal

Reported systematic forced organ harvesting in China is a serious human rights violation that requires a full, independent and transparent investigation, underlined the S&Ds in regard to last week’s adoption of the European Parliament resolution on this matter. Maria Arena, the S&D negotiator on the resolution on the reports of continued organ harvesting in China, said:…

Threats to the EU from Autocratic Regimes


MEPs finalised 18 months of inquiry by the INGE committee and adopted its final recommendations. The European public and government officials are “overwhelmingly” unaware of the severity of the threat posed by foreign autocratic regimes, in particular Russia and China, MEPs say in the text. Insufficient defence made it easier for malicious actors to take over…

MEPs call for boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Boycott Beijing 2022

On Thursday, Parliament adopted a resolution on violations of fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong. Parliament condemned in the strongest terms the deterioration of human rights in Hong Kong, including severe restrictions on freedom of expression, freedom of association and press freedom. MEPs called on the Hong Kong government to release all political prisoners and drop…

Voices Grow for Boycott of China’s Winter Olympics

Boycott Chinese Olympics

With just five weeks to go until the 2022 Winter Olympics kick off in Beijing, the EU has yet to make or not to allow its diplomats and officials to attend the controversial games.  This is despite EU member states, including Belgium, announcing a boycott, and the European Parliament voting in favour.  This is against…

Beijing’s Taiwan Territorial Claims Lack Justification

CCP military flights threaten Taiwan

There is no rational justification for a demand for the “reunification” of Taiwan with the PRC writes Aaron Rhodes. Xi Jinping and other Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders are ramping up rhetoric about the necessity of “unifying” China by bringing Taiwan under their control as a “sacrosanct mission of the entire Chinese people.” Since 1949,…

Renewing the Transatlantic Partnership

Renewing transatlantic partnership

With China and Russia on the offensive, a renewed and reliable transatlantic partnership is the key to maintaining international and legal order and peace. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) supports the idea of an Alliance of Democracies, ensuring that civil society has significant say in the joint defence of universal values and rights….