Trojan Horses Against A European Fortress

This blog was first published in and is reproduced here with the permission of the authors. When, during a military confrontation (or heated debate), one party is unable to tackle its adversary in open combat (or through convincing arguments), it resorts to treacherous tricks (or substitution of senses), exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses. Modern-day Western…


450th Anniversary of Pieter Bruegel Marked By Exhibition in Bokrijk

Are you a fan of Pieter Bruegel, the famous Flemish artist? If so, a new exhibition at a Belgian open air museum will be just for you. 2019 marks the 450th anniversary that Pieter Bruegel the Elder died and to mark the occasion, the Bokrijk open-air Museum near Genk is organising an international exhibition entitled…

Not Even the End of the Beginning

Brexit – Not Even the End of the Beginning

Now the first rule of politics kicks in. Start counting. Not the number of words in the 585 page Withdrawal Agreement or the 7 page political declaration but the number of MPs who will vote Yay or Nay, writes Denis Macshane Already London and Brussels are contradicting each other. Michel Barnier says that EU citizens can…




Money Laundering Capital?

London, one of the world’s great international cities, is home to countless nationalities, a thriving financial sector and a diverse cultural scene. It also has a more sinister side; a property market well known as one of the world’s prime destinations for foreign politicians, dignitaries and businessmen to stash their ill-gotten gains. A recent study…


Bokrijk at Christmas

It’s one of Belgium’s top tourist attractions and Christmas promises to be even more of an extra special occasion at the Bokrijk open air museum in Limburg. During Bokrijk’s winter evenings, its nostalgic carnival and rides from yesteryear take visitors back in time to their childhood. People can enjoy a fairground theatre, dance and music entertainment…


Mary Delluc – the sweet smell of success

When Mary Delluc opened a chocolaterie at 129 rue Royale in Brussels in 1919 (quickly followed by a tea room) could she have imagined that a century later, she would still be one of the leading names in high-end chocolate? The answer is almost certainly not. But Mary’s “sweet smell of success” and her delicious creations live on…




Special Gifts and Great Bargains for Spring

If you’re looking for special gifts and great bargains, don’t miss the BCWCB’s annual Spring Market. BCWCB is the British and Commonwealth Women’s Club of Brussels. You’ll find home-made marmalades, jams and cakes, hand-made jewellery, gifts and Easter decorations, along with second-hand English books, plants and garden items. There will also be a light lunch…


Travel to India

Champion Chef Dev Biswal Award-winning chef Dev Biswal has cooked up a recipe for what he hopes will be yet more success. Biswal has already won a clutch of top awards for his culinary skills which have helped to revive a formerly rundown English seaside town. Now, he’s poised to launch his latest venture: tailor-made…


Visit Ilha Formosa in 2020?

Are the never ending grey skies getting you down?  If so, that would be understandable but the good news is that the (near) perfect antidote to the winter gloom is available this weekend in Brussels. It comes in the shape of the city’s annual travel fair which runs from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 February,…




COVID-19 and the Shincheonji Church in South Korea: A White Paper reveals the truth

A 30-page White Paper that reviews the management of the COVID-19 crisis by the South Korean authorities has just been published in several languages by a scholar in religious studies, human rights activists, a lawyer and a journalist, all from various European countries. In February 2020, the media in South Korea were in an uproar…


Impact of Longevity on Society and Transport

A new report launched today by the International Longevity Centre UK (ILC), supported by LV= General Insurance, argues that advances in automated driving, electric vehicles and ridesharing could enable older people to maintain their social connections for longer. Since the widespread adoption of private cars in the second half of the twentieth century, driving has…


EU moves away from coal

Presenting their Report on “The European Power sector in 2019” today at the Brussels Press Club, the Berlin based consultancy “Agora” together with the UK-based climate think-tank “Sandbag” highlighted that the EU electricity sector emitted 12% less CO2 in 2019 than in the previous year. Renewables in electricity production in the EU rose to 35%,…