Trojan Horses Against A European Fortress

This blog was first published in and is reproduced here with the permission of the authors. When, during a military confrontation (or heated debate), one party is unable to tackle its adversary in open combat (or through convincing arguments), it resorts to treacherous tricks (or substitution of senses), exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses. Modern-day Western…


450th Anniversary of Pieter Bruegel Marked By Exhibition in Bokrijk

Are you a fan of Pieter Bruegel, the famous Flemish artist? If so, a new exhibition at a Belgian open air museum will be just for you. 2019 marks the 450th anniversary that Pieter Bruegel the Elder died and to mark the occasion, the Bokrijk open-air Museum near Genk is organising an international exhibition entitled…

Not Even the End of the Beginning

Brexit – Not Even the End of the Beginning

Now the first rule of politics kicks in. Start counting. Not the number of words in the 585 page Withdrawal Agreement or the 7 page political declaration but the number of MPs who will vote Yay or Nay, writes Denis Macshane Already London and Brussels are contradicting each other. Michel Barnier says that EU citizens can…




Albion Languages

The logistics and supply chain sector has experienced extreme challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic, writes Alistair Binks. A recent survey conducted by the Institute for Supply Chain Management found that nearly 75 per cent of companies reported supply chain disruptions in one form or another due to Covid-19-related transportation restrictions. The importance of global supply chains…


New Hope and Opportunity for Nagorno-Karabakh

It is hard to explain to my children what happened in Ganja during the last few days when they ask me about shocking images of destroyed buildings, flying missiles and wounded kids, because their education does not include hate, war and killing innocent people, writes Rufat Azizov. As a result of rocket shelling by Armenian…


A legend in his lifetime

 “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway The death of Tony Mallett symbolises the global passing of old fashioned journalism. Tony was everything that once reflected what in Britain was known as Fleet Street journalism, excellence and a lifestyle that prompted the question “what makes journalists…




To Cheer you up in the depths of Winter

Our friends in Finland celebrated earlier this year before lockdown with a fast-stepping polka dance. They have sent us a timely reminder on these dark rainy nights of what life after COVID may be like when we can socialise again.


The Fifth Season

For most of Europe 11th November is remembered as commemorating Armistice Day and the declaration of peace at the end of the First World War in 1918. But in Germany, it marks the start of the “Fifth Season” or Carnival which begins at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th day of the 11th month…


Take-Away this Weekend?

A 2nd lockdown and dark nights. No end in sight to the coronavirus crisis and winter stretching out in front of us. On the face of it, there isn’t much to be cheerful about.  But one bit of much needed cheer is the ability of eateries to still offer a service, albeit of the takeaway…




New Industrial Strategy

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution on the new Industrial Strategy. It calls for the new industrial strategy – planned for publication in March next year – to be in line with the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 and to create the conditions for an innovative, inclusive, resilient, digitalised society. In the context…


Westerners Don’t Believe Climate Change is Critical

New research in Europe and the United States shows that large portions of the public still do not accept the urgency of the climate crisis, and only a minority believe it will impact them and their families severely over the next fifteen years.  The survey, which was commissioned by the Open Society and the European Policy Institute, forms…


New Approach to Space

Athena, the UK’s new national team in space, formed by Serco, Inmarsat, CGI UK and Lockheed Martin UK, has today published a report with support from Bryce Space and Technology that showcases the opportunities available to the UK through growth in its space sector and how to seize the moment to do so. Ahead of…