Trojan Horses Against A European Fortress

This blog was first published in and is reproduced here with the permission of the authors. When, during a military confrontation (or heated debate), one party is unable to tackle its adversary in open combat (or through convincing arguments), it resorts to treacherous tricks (or substitution of senses), exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses. Modern-day Western…


450th Anniversary of Pieter Bruegel Marked By Exhibition in Bokrijk

Are you a fan of Pieter Bruegel, the famous Flemish artist? If so, a new exhibition at a Belgian open air museum will be just for you. 2019 marks the 450th anniversary that Pieter Bruegel the Elder died and to mark the occasion, the Bokrijk open-air Museum near Genk is organising an international exhibition entitled…

Not Even the End of the Beginning

Brexit – Not Even the End of the Beginning

Now the first rule of politics kicks in. Start counting. Not the number of words in the 585 page Withdrawal Agreement or the 7 page political declaration but the number of MPs who will vote Yay or Nay, writes Denis Macshane Already London and Brussels are contradicting each other. Michel Barnier says that EU citizens can…




A legend in his lifetime

 “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway The death of Tony Mallett symbolises the global passing of old fashioned journalism. Tony was everything that once reflected what in Britain was known as Fleet Street journalism, excellence and a lifestyle that prompted the question “what makes journalists…


Regional Universities Go Global Amid Corona

By Ekaterina Tsaranok The concept of higher education has been well established for well over a thousand years. According to UNESCO and Guinness World Records, the University of Al-Karaouine located in Fes, Morocco, is the world’s oldest existing and continuously operating higher education institution in the world, having been established in 859. With international education…


Money Laundering Capital?

London, one of the world’s great international cities, is home to countless nationalities, a thriving financial sector and a diverse cultural scene. It also has a more sinister side; a property market well known as one of the world’s prime destinations for foreign politicians, dignitaries and businessmen to stash their ill-gotten gains. A recent study…




Brussels’ Greeters network celebrates 10th anniversary

Founded in New York in 1992 and launched in Brussels in 2010, a shining example of participatory tourism, the network of Brussels Greeters will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September. In these uncertain times, the Greeters believe that it is more essential than ever to share one of their fundamental values: cultural exchange and the…


The Atomium Prizes

The Fourth edition of the Atomium Prizes for comic strips with prizes totalling €100.000 will be awarded in Brussels tomorrow, 18 September. The winners of the Atomium Prizes, organised as part of the Comic Strip Experience, will be announced on Friday 18 September. The announcement will be made exclusively online this year, due to the…


Top resto responds to “new norm” with new menu

Due to the ongoing health pandemic we are all having to readjust to the “new norm”. The “new way” of doing things has, of course, very much impacted on restaurants, which were only recently allowed to open their doors again after the long lockdown. One eating place that has, so far, managed to adapt well…




Embracing Digital Transformation

Europe is not fully benefitting from advanced technologies to innovate and remain competitive. In 2016, the European Commission launched the Digitising European Industry (DEI) initiative to boost the digitalisation of EU businesses. Despite the Commission’s efforts to support national authorities, progress of the initiative has been uneven among the Member States, according to a new…


EU-Mercosur Trade Causing Amazon Deforestation

A new report commissioned by the French government on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement, to be presented to French Prime Minister today shows that solely the expansion of beef production in the Mercosur region as a result of the deal would accelerate deforestation by at least 25% annually and destroy 36,000 km2 of forest per year, which…


China Has Lost EU Trust

As European leaders prepare for talks with China’s Xi Jinping, on Monday 14 September, Datapraxis and YouGov polling commissioned by the foreign policy think-tank, the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), has found that just 7% of Europe’s citizens see China as a “useful” ally in their battle with, and recovery from, COVID-19. Its new…