Here’s how employers should be protecting their essential workers, say top lawyers

As the impact of the coronavirus crisis grows every day, the way in which businesses must work has changed dramatically. Many workers in this situation are now working remotely but what can be said for those still needing to attend work?  For those classified as ‘key workers’, working in the health and education sectors, various…


Maggiar calls for EU Budget With Strong Focus on SMEs

Ahead of the extraordinary European Council on the next Multiannual Financial Framework, SMEunited President Alban Maggiar has “reminded” European leaders on the priorities ahead.  Maggiar says Europe will only be able to provide welfare to its people, if it invests in future competitiveness, based on a greener and digital economy.  Therefore, Maggiar urges the European…


Calls for ECB to Combat Financial Crimes

MEPs on Wednesday asked the European Central Bank to step up its green credentials and address growing financial technology challenges. The resolution, setting out Parliament’s priorities on the European Central Bank‘s (ECB) future policies, spearheaded by Kostas Mavrides (S&D, CY), was approved on Wednesday by 452 votes in favour, 142 against and 33 abstentions following…




Dealing With Moscow’s Propaganda Machine

It can be expected that during the Hague District Court international tribunal trial of the MH17 case which starts on Monday 9 March, Russia’s propaganda machine will be rolled out to play the usual tricks designed to divert public attention. The Kremlin information manipulators will also try to influence the position of the Netherlands using…


Trojan Horses Against A European Fortress

This blog was first published in and is reproduced here with the permission of the authors. When, during a military confrontation (or heated debate), one party is unable to tackle its adversary in open combat (or through convincing arguments), it resorts to treacherous tricks (or substitution of senses), exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses. Modern-day Western…


Russia’s War Against Ukraine

The obscenity of Russia’s war of occupation and aggression against Ukraine is now in its 6th year. The callous and ruthless behaviour of the Russian army and their hired guns continues with a machine like malice that holds human life in contempt. This morning (18 February) Russian occupying forces attacked Ukrainian positions in Donbass near…


Foreign Affairs


Turkic Council Members Unite in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

The Turkic Council Secretary General Baghdad Amreyev has praised the cooperation, resilience and solidarity among the member countries of the Turkic Council in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Stressing that the international community should exert coordinated and determined efforts in the fight against COVID-19, he emphasized that the global community must undertake united action against this…


Russian COVID-19 Numbers as Dangerous Propaganda

This article by Guest Contributor David DeBatto, first appeared in the online journal of the IGTDS, the Institute for Global Threats and Democracies Studies, and is reproduced here with their permission. For weeks now, official Russian government news outlets have been proudly trumpeting the news that Russia has an astronomically low rate of infections and fatalities…


Taiwan Donates PPE to Europe

Taiwan is donating 10 million protective face masks to countries seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The masks will be divided amongst the United States, 11 European countries and 15 diplomatic allies. The US will receive 2 million; 7 million will go to European nations, including Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech…




“Integration Needs Integrity to Succeed” – Vladimir Krulj

The current public health crisis is causing EU member states to close their borders and distance contact with neighbouring countries. But Counter-intuitively, Dr Vladimir Krulj argues that we must not forget the long term objective of greater integration between the EU and its neighbours. The European Union is the “most successful experiment in international cooperation…


Greens Score Their Best Election Result Yet in Eire

On February 8th Irish citizens were called to the voting booths to elect a new parliament through general elections.  While final results are still to be announced, the Irish Green Party – An Comhaontas Glas is already ensured to score its best result ever, more than doubling its 2016 result.  The Green Party is set to become…


Azerbaijan Poised to Accelerate Reforms Following Parliamentary Elections

Azerbijan’s governing party has emerged victorious in a snap parliamentary election called by President Ilham Aliyev to consolidate power and speed up economic reforms by replacing the old guard associated with his father. Candidates from the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan (New Azerbaijan) party won about 65 of 125 seats in the single-chamber parliament. A host of…