EU Recognises Moroccan Vaccination Certificate

In a decision published in the Official Journal of the European Union today, the EU Commission has announced that it recognises the vaccination certificate issued in Morocco, allowing holders of the Moroccan vaccination certificate to travel without restriction to the EU 27 Schengen countries. The decision applies to Moroccans, European citizens vaccinated in Morocco, and…

Huytebroeck Slams Proposed Expansion of Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport

A political agreement approving the proposal of the Spanish airport manager AENA to expand the El Prat airport in Barcelona was approved recently. The project aims to an increase of up to 20 million passengers in the coming years.     The European Greens say they reject the expansion project, and express “our strongest opposition…

Airport Intelligence and ORTEC join forces to optimise airport operations

Airport Intelligence

Airport Intelligence, Brussels Airport’s consulting subsidiary, and ORTEC, the market leader in data-driven decision support, have started a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to optimise airport processes around the world, to improve the overall passenger experience and operational efficiency. Airport Intelligence harnesses expertise in airport operations and combines it with ORTEC’s data science knowledge and technology….

Emirates Special Offer for Travellers to Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, has launched new offers for holidaymakers planning a trip to Dubai. All its customers can now enjoy Dubai from a new perspective with a complimentary ticket to At the Top, Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s highest observation decks.  It provides a bird’s eye view of the fascinating and…

Vespa: La Dolce Vita


It’s synonymous with freedom, joie de vivre, youth, nimbleness, adventure and independence. In town it weaves in and out allowing one and all to enjoy the pleasures of the open air. Yes, the Vespa is a true feature To this day both young and old still dream about the Vespa, which is 75-years-old this year….

Private jets: can the super-rich supercharge zero emission aviation?

Private Jets CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions from private jets in Europe increased by nearly a third (31%) between 2005 and 2019, rising faster than commercial aviation emissions, finds a new report from campaign group Transport & Environment (T&E).   The report, Private jets: can the super-rich supercharge zero emission aviation?, reveals the climate impact of private jets across Europe. It finds that private jetsare 10 times more carbon intensive than…

Ferry operator extends “travel guarantee” for travellers

DFDS Ferries

With the international tourism sector set to reopen after the health crisis, a leading ferry operator has moved to provide added protection for travellers. The ferry company DFDS says it will continue to offer its “Travel Guarantee” throughout 2021.  This means if plans change because of Covid-19, travellers can re-book a crossing at no extra cost. …

Emirates launches airbridge to bring relief to virus-stricken India

Emirates SkyCargo

The airline Emirates has set up a humanitarian airbridge between Dubai and India to transport urgent medical and relief items, to support India in its fight to control the serious COVID-19 situation in the country. Emirates will offer cargo capacity free of charge on an “as available” basis on all of its flights to nine…

Lockdown Effect on Commuting

Clean Air for Cities Campaign

Months of pandemic restrictions have triggered a major shift in public expectations for urban space and commuting.  Europeans are crying out for a fairer share of public space for public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians, according to an online survey of 10,050 residents in 15 European cities polled by YouGov The survey was commissioned by the  Clean Cities…