Brussels ‘institution’ pays homage to the country’s icons

Chez Leon

Think of Tintin, the Smurfs, the Atomium and Adolphe Sax and you think of Belgian icons. Each of these well known Belgian legends now come together in an unlikely setting – a restaurant in Brussels. The restaurant, Chez Leon, is something of a Belgian institution itself, having existed for well over a century. During the…

The Cat is Roaming

Le Chat

Philippe Geluck’s famous cat character Le Chat has been on the move for several months.  It appeared in the form of giant sculptures on the Champs Elysées in Paris, and can currently be seen in Bordeaux, from where it will head for Caen, Saint-Tropez, Milan and then Geneva. In short, “the Cat is roaming”, as…

Vespa: La Dolce Vita


It’s synonymous with freedom, joie de vivre, youth, nimbleness, adventure and independence. In town it weaves in and out allowing one and all to enjoy the pleasures of the open air. Yes, the Vespa is a true feature To this day both young and old still dream about the Vespa, which is 75-years-old this year….

Atlético Madrid Youth Training Camp

Atletico Madrid

It’s every young football fan’s dream – the chance to train with your idols. This summer, youngsters in Belgium will get a chance to fulfil their dreams, or the next best thing, anyway. They will be able to participates in a series of training camps organised by one of Europe’s top club, Atlético Madrid. While the…

E Type Jaguars on show in Brussels

E Type Jaguar

A blast of motoring nostalgia hits Brussels this summer in the shape of an exhibition on the famous Jaguar. During the expo at the city’s Autoworld museum, the Jaguar F-TYPE Heritage 60 Edition will be exhibited surrounded by several of its ancestors, and the legendary E-type, the dream car of many motoring enthusiasts.  This year the famous brand is…

Pay the Artists!

Valeria Brusnikina

A campaign has been launched to help musicians in Europe earn fairer revenues from their royalties for creative works. At the launch event yesterday from the Brussels Press Club  an expert panel discussed how to reform the current royalty collection system by embracing the digital age so that artists can receive payments “quickly, efficiently, transparently…

PUSS. How cats have captured humans.

Cat Exhibition Yper

Today, cats are hugely popular: you can admire them in all shapes and sizes on the internet and they are one of the most adored of all house pets. But it hasn’t always been that way.  So where did this  recent and worldwide fascination for these  extraordinary creatures come from? That is the mystery that the Yper…