Roma Women Win Compensation in Czechia

Roma Women in Czechia

The Czech Senate has voted on a bill that recognises and foresees financial compensation for the forced sterilisation of Roma women in Czechia which took place for decades.     The European Green Party and Zelení, the Czech Green Party, said they welcome this important step in fighting discrimination against Roma communities in Czechia.  …

Islamic Scarves Can be Banned in Europe, but there are Limitations

Islamic headscarf

The top European Union court – The European Court of Justice (ECJ) – has made it clear that employers can restrict the wearing of ‘religious symbols’, such as Islamic headscarves, but only in limited circumstances.  The ECJ found that such policies must be applied in a general and undifferentiated way and that they must present…

EU Needs New Strategy to Deal with China

China's Human Rights Violations

The EU should continue talking to China about global challenges like climate change and health crises, while raising its concerns over systemic human rights violations. In a report adopted on Thursday, by 58 votes in favour, 8 against with 4 abstentions, the foreign affairs committee outlines six pillars on which the EU should build a…

ECR Group Calls for Action to Support Cuba

Cuban protests

The ECR Group’s Co-Chairmen, Prof Ryszard Legutko and Raffaele Fitto, have condemned the unacceptable repression of the ongoing protests in Cuba and called on the EU to take action. In a joint statement, the two conservative MEPs told this site, “What has been happening for some days now in Cuba is both serious and worrying. The regime led…

Cuba Libre! Declaration of the Centre for a Free Cuba on the Protests Inside Cuba

Free Cuba

July 12, 2021 The Cuban people have suffered 62 years of totalitarian communist dictatorship. During all this time, the island’s regime has wanted to blame the United States for the misery Cubans experience. However, the one that has blocked the possibility of farmers from selling the food they produce to the people is the regime….

Hungary Criticised for Dismantling Democracy and Rule of Law

Budapest Parliament

The European Parliament “condemns in the strongest possible terms” the recent anti-LGBTI legislation and denounces the dismantling of democracy and the rule of law in Hungary. In a resolution, adopted with 459 in favour 147 against, and 58 abstentions on Thursday, MEPs describe the Hungarian law as being in clear breach of fundamental rights enshrined…

Stop Discrimination and Homophobic Hate Crime in Europe

Stop discrimination and homophobic hate crime

S&D MEPs are urging the Commission and Member States to stand up for LGBTI people in Europe by acting against the offensive and regressive law that blatantly violates their rights in Hungary. The law introduced by Orbán’s government stigmatises and discriminates against LGBTI people by banning content referring to homosexuality, sex change or gender identity…

Fighting Child Sexual Abuse

Fighting child sexual abuse

MEPs have endorsed a temporary regulation that allows web-based service providers to continue fighting child sexual abuse material online on a voluntary basis. In the context of a worrying increase in the volume of child abuse material on the internet exacerbated by the pandemic, the House backed with 537 votes in favour, 133 against and 24…