Ukrainian experience in hybrid war

Russia started its cyber attacks in Ukraine in 2014 during the occupation of Crimea. Ukraine became a poligon of cyber exercises, and this experience will be used during the electoral campaigns in Europe. Ukrainian experts told about their experience and gave advice on how to counteract to Russia’s hybrid war tactics.

Ukraine. What to expect from the Presidential Run-off vote?

It is a huge achievement that nobody knows who will win in the second tour. People in Russia and Belarus don’t have such a privilege to guess a winner. In any case, Ukraine will not change its path towards European integration.  European and Ukrainian experts talk about their expectations from the electoral campaign in Ukraine.

Regional voice in a global academic world

Regional voice in a global academic

I met with Ekaterina Tsaranok the Founder of the Modern Education & Research Institute, based in Brussels, which is dedicated to the modernisation of the teaching profession and to the adaptation of professors to the quickly changing educational environment. The  members of the Institute are universities and individual professors from the countries of Central Asia, the Eastern…

Taiwan Safeguarding Regional Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom - Taiwan

An inaugural meeting of the Regional Religious Freedom Forum in Taiwan has heard that the country is flying the flag for safeguarding religious freedom, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. The meeting heard that Taiwan is committed to ending intolerance and persecution of religious minorities. Organized by Taipei City-based Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, the two-day event…

HRWF Establishes New Award for MEPs Who Promote Freedom of Religious Belief outside the EU

HRWF Establishes New Award for MEPs

The Freedom of Religious Belief (FORB) is a fundamental  right in the countries of the European Union. However, social hostility towards certain religious groups is also widespread and threatens social cohesion, writes Willy Fautré Director of Human Rights Without Frontiers. The phenomenon is not new. In the 1980s-1990s, non-mainstream religious groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or…

Ukraine’s Chosen Pro-European Path

Ukraine's Chosen European Path

Whichever candidate emerges from Ukraine’s election must be ready to show a “real commitment” to tackling corruption and human rights issues, according to one of the country’s leading advocates. The first round of the key election on Sunday (31 March) left TV comedian Vladimir Zelensky well ahead of the incumbent Petro Poroshenko. The two men…

Taiwan should have a seat in the World Health Assembly

Taiwan should have a seat in the World Health Assembly

Taiwan should be allowed to participation in global bodies such as the World Health Assembly (WHA), according to the country’s representative to the EU and Belgium. Speaking exclusively to this website, Harry Tseng appealed to countries to voice support for Taiwan’s involvement in such organisations, despite the ongoing opposition from China. He admitted that while Taiwan’s participation at…

Italian MPs pledge support for Green Card for Europe campaign

Presentation in Roma pledge support for Green Card for Europe campaign

Following the hearing on the #EUGreenCard proposal which took place at the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee on 18 March, New Europeans has embarked on a series of briefings of national parliaments of EU member states to promote the initiative. At a press conference at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Roger Casale, Founder and CEO…

Bitter Lemons

Bitter Lemons

Cyprus emerged as the number one issue on the international political arena recently, writes Leyla Tavsonoglu. The Greek Cypriot Government, enjoying the full benefits of being the sole EU member of the island, disregarding the Turkish Cypriot side, in partnership with Israel and Egypt, continues drilling for natural gas and oil on the Cypriot continental shelf. …