Chasselas: a “little-known gem”


With only just over 6,000 hectares turned into wine across the globe, Chasselas is something of a little  known variety of grape. But, if so, that is a shame because any well informed wine lover would be very eager to possess a few bottles of it. For the uninitiated, Chasselas or Chasselas blanc, is a wine grape variety grown mainly in Switzerland, France,…

Calling all 100 year olds – Brussels Restaurant wants to hear from you!

Aux Armes de Bruxelles

Aux Armes de Bruxelles has come up with a particularly innovative way to celebrate its 100th birthday.  This iconic Brussels restaurant is offering an amazing 50 per cent discount off the cost of a meal. Not only that but the restaurant owners will invite all centenarians of the Brussels Region to dine free of charge….

Eurobarometer Survey Marks Public Health as Top Priority for Parliament

European Parliament

Parliament’s latest public opinion survey shows support for EU remains high, despite the pandemic, but COVID-19 impact on personal finances felt or expected by more than half of Europeans. A new Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament and conducted between March and April 2021 shows the increasingly felt impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on…

Phone Call Between Michel and Putin

Michel calls Putin

On 7 June 2021, Council President Michel spoke with Russian President Putin on the phone. President Michel conveyed the European Council’s position on EU-Russia relations and that in their May discussions, EU leaders condemned the illegal, provocative and disruptive Russian activities against the EU, its member states and others.The EU stands united and in solidarity…

Vespa: La Dolce Vita


It’s synonymous with freedom, joie de vivre, youth, nimbleness, adventure and independence. In town it weaves in and out allowing one and all to enjoy the pleasures of the open air. Yes, the Vespa is a true feature To this day both young and old still dream about the Vespa, which is 75-years-old this year….

Atlético Madrid Youth Training Camp

Atletico Madrid

It’s every young football fan’s dream – the chance to train with your idols. This summer, youngsters in Belgium will get a chance to fulfil their dreams, or the next best thing, anyway. They will be able to participates in a series of training camps organised by one of Europe’s top club, Atlético Madrid. While the…

Corruption in Bulgaria

Corruption in Bulgaria

For years, Socialists and Democrats have denounced the situation in Bulgaria for its growing corruption, and attacks on the rule of law and freedom of media. This is why the public designation of Bulgarian public officials and oligarchs for engaging in corruption by the US State Department comes as no surprise. The close connections over the years…

Health Crisis Presents New Opportunities

Valeria Brusnikina

The pandemic has dealt a “catastrophic blow” to Europe’s culture industry. But, despite gloomy outlook, Valeria Brusnikina (pictured) said that music and art was an international success story and can boom again, writes Martin Banks. In an interview with this website, Brusnikina, who represents an association which, among other things, champions the rights to royalties of musicians and…

Private jets: can the super-rich supercharge zero emission aviation?

Private Jets CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions from private jets in Europe increased by nearly a third (31%) between 2005 and 2019, rising faster than commercial aviation emissions, finds a new report from campaign group Transport & Environment (T&E).   The report, Private jets: can the super-rich supercharge zero emission aviation?, reveals the climate impact of private jets across Europe. It finds that private jetsare 10 times more carbon intensive than…