Russia Achieves First Place as World’s No. 1 Terrorist State

Russia Terrorist State

Russia is the No. 1 terrorist country in the world. It could perhaps be more accurately described as an international criminal mafia organisation rather than a country. The Russian Federation illegally invaded Ukraine and has for the last 4 months been indiscriminately attacking civilians and their property throughout Ukraine in violation of all international law….

Kharkiv: City of Heroes

Kharkiv is a city of millions of people, beautiful landscapes, a city of scientific discoveries, large enterprises and clean streets. Kharkiv has many hallmarks: Freedom Square is the largest in Europe, the Gorky Recreation Park, the largest Ferris wheel in Ukraine and many others. It is also the original capital of Ukraine. The centre of…

Russia Takes Revenge for Military Defeat by Massacring Civilians

Searching for survivors Odessa

Yesterday the Russian occupiers fled from the Ukrainian territory of Snake Island, which they had occupied. Thanks to the defenders of the Odessa region, who took measures to liberate a strategically important section of Ukraine’s territory, to foreign partners for providing weapons, as well as to the designers and manufacturers of the Ukrainian Bogdan self-propelled…