Parliament Takes Action on Rogue State Belarus

Sandra Kalniete

Tomorrow, 8 June, the European Parliament will strongly condemn systematic repression in Belarus and the consequences for European security and freedom following the abduction of Roman Protasevitch and Sofia Sapega from a hijacked EU Rynair flight. “If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. Nearly all men can stand adversity,…

Vespa: La Dolce Vita


It’s synonymous with freedom, joie de vivre, youth, nimbleness, adventure and independence. In town it weaves in and out allowing one and all to enjoy the pleasures of the open air. Yes, the Vespa is a true feature To this day both young and old still dream about the Vespa, which is 75-years-old this year….

Atlético Madrid Youth Training Camp

Atletico Madrid

It’s every young football fan’s dream – the chance to train with your idols. This summer, youngsters in Belgium will get a chance to fulfil their dreams, or the next best thing, anyway. They will be able to participates in a series of training camps organised by one of Europe’s top club, Atlético Madrid. While the…