A dazzling sight and sound spectacle showcases this world-famous French landmark in all its glory It’s one of the best-known sights in the world and, this summer, visitors to the remarkable Benedictine Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel have the chance to see this architectural gem from a totally different perspective. Every day to the end August (except on…

The Sound of Drowning

The bathing season is in full swing – and with it, drowning season. Contrary to popular belief, the signs of drowning do not usually include flailing arms and cries for help; people typically drown in silence. To shed light on this common misconception and to engage more people to act in near-drowning situations, Trygg-Hansa, a leading insurance…

EU Action Against Wildfires

Following a request for assistance from Greece on 13 August 2019, rescEU assets have been mobilised to tackle forest fires ravaging several areas of Greece.  As an immediate response, the European Union has already helped to mobilise 3 forest fighting planes from rescEU reserve from Italy and Spainto be dispatched swiftly to the affected regions….

i-Portunus launches third call for applications

I-Portunus  is a pilot project funded by the European Commission providing financial support for artists to work in another country for a period of 15 to 85 days.  The first and second calls together received more than 2300 applications from individual artists and cultural professionals.  A total of 253 people were selected and funded so far….

Consumers in the circular economy

So far, actions to boost the development of a circular economy in Europe have centred on production, getting industries to introduce circular business models and bring circular options to the market.  Now conditions are ripe for getting consumers involved, and empowering them to make sustainable purchasing choices in their daily lives, says a new EESC…