Second Brexit Referendum to be Held on Day of EU Elections?

Speculation is growing about the possibility of a breakthrough in the campaign to secure a second referendum after a grassroots proposal to allow the Withdrawal Agreement a safe
Gorbachev and Reagan

Russia’s Failure to Comply With the INF Treaty

NATO has issued the following statement concerning Russia’ s failure to comply with the International Nuclear Forces (INF Treaty) originally signed between US President Reagan and General
Flight Safety in Europe After Brexit

Council Agrees Position on Flight Safety After Brexit

The EU is taking the steps which are needed to continue to ensure a high level of aviation safety in its airspace the event that the UK
UK Set to Lose Billions

UK Set to Lose Billions as a Result of Brexit

New analysis from the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) estimates that the United Kingdom would be entitled to approximately 13 billion euros of regional development funding
Rinat Akhmetov Supporting Donbass and Civilians

Rinat Akhmetov Foundation Supporting the Rights of Civilians in Donbass

This week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Charles Tannock MEP hosted a reception to open an exhibition of original photographs entitled “Donbass and Civilians” compiled by
Mineral Wool Environmental and Health Concerns

Mineral Wool Environmental and Health Concerns Spread to France

A petition has been launched in France against the mineral wool giant Rockwool over a planned plant in Soissons in the Aisne region.  There is public concern