David Sassoli

Parliament to Honour Memory of President David Sassoli.

European Parliament President David Sassoli passed away in Aviano (Italy) on 11 January.  A Member of the European Parliament since 2009, he was elected President in July
Boycott Winter Olympics

Pressure Mounting on EU to Boycott the Winter Olympics in China.

Fresh calls for a boycott were made at an online event organised to help shed light on China’s continuing human rights abuses. A boycott is seen by

Ariane Launches James Webb Telescope Into Orbit

The Ariane 5 launcher, operated by Arianespace on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), has successfully injected NASA’s Webb Space Telescope into its transfer orbit towards
James Webb Telescope

Understanding the Cosmos

The world news is dominated by doom and gloom, causing depression and pessimism, but sometimes a shaft of sunlight cuts through the fog to brighten the day
Venturi Antarctica

Venturi Antartica: Pioneering Polar Electric Vehicle

The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station says it is welcoming the team from Venturi and the new Venturi Antartica, the first electric vehicle designed to be used
Is Al-Burhan stoking the conflict in Ethiopia?

Suspicious Sudanese Arms Deals to Ethiopia

Accusations have been levelled against the former chairman of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan. In a video published on social media last week,