Root Causes of Radicalisation “Still Need to be Tackled” to Prevent More Terrorist Attacks

The military threat posed by Islamic State may have receded but the threat posed by terrorist groups of all colours has not gone away.  That was one
Presidential Candidate Oleksandr Vilkul Presents Donbass Peace Plan

Ukraine Presidential Candidate Oleksandr Vilkul Presents Donbass Peace Plan

“I presented my Peace Plan in the European Parliament, here in Brussels. It is clear, and it consists of concrete steps. It is completely in accordance with
Kremlin Style

Winning Friends Back – Kremlin Style

It is not a secret that the Kremlin wants to win back Ukraine to its sphere of influence. Some might go for flowers and chocolates,  but the
Nick Clegg Facebook

Nick Clegg Challenged To Tackle Facebook “Fake News” Ahead of EU Elections

Facebook’s global affairs boss Sir Nick Clegg has been challenged to tackle the spread of ‘fake news’ on Facebook ahead of vital European elections, writes James Wilson.
Surkov speaking with Putin

Enemy at the gate: Ukraine’s decisive battle for freedom

Meddling in elections is nothing new for the Kremlin, and Ukraine is not an exception. Russia has no constraints in applying the widest range of instruments to

Second Brexit Referendum to be Held on Day of EU Elections?

Speculation is growing about the possibility of a breakthrough in the campaign to secure a second referendum after a grassroots proposal to allow the Withdrawal Agreement a safe