Taiwan: The EU’s ideal supply chain partner in Asia

Much ink has been spilled on the topic of the relationship between the European Union and the People’s Republic of China over recent weeks; from imbalanced trade

212 Defenders of Nature Murdered in 2019

Global Witness has revealed the highest number of land and environmental defenders murdered on record in a single year, with 212 people killed in 2019 for peacefully defending their

Leuven, European Capital of Innovation 2020

Leuven, Belgium, has been named the 2020 European Capital of Innovation for its use of innovation to improve residents’ lives. The €1 million cash prize, which every

Vladimir Putin’s address to the United Nations General Assembly

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a pre-recorded video address to the 75th anniversary session of the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week.  The main focus of

PKK’s Involvement in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict would Jeopardise European Security

The alarming reports that Armenia has been relocating Kurdistan Working Party (PKK) terrorists from Syria and Iraq to the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh to prepare for future

Deterioration in EU Relations with China

EU relations with China have deteriorated over the years, mainly because of China´s aggressive policies and unfulfilled promises, said MEPs during a meeting with China’s EU Ambassador. 


Putin’s Meeting with Lukashenko

The personal meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus in Sochi on September 14 showed that the Russian authorities were ready to provide Lukashenko

Vladimir Putin’s address to the United Nations General Assembly

EP Calls for New Elections In Belarus

Stand with Belarus – it’s a matter of principle

Italy Regional Elections