EU Action Against Wildfires

Following a request for assistance from Greece on 13 August 2019, rescEU assets have been mobilised to tackle forest fires ravaging several areas of Greece.  As an

Promoting US-Balkan Student Exchanges

On the anniversary of two high water marks of multilateralism  NATO completes seventy (70) years and the Kosovo war completes twenty (20) years, the West faces an

Ghent In Motion

The city of Ghent has a new “must” visit attraction – Ghent in Motion, an exciting audio-visual experience. It is located in one of the city’s oldest

New Medical Device Brings Relief to Millions of Women

A newly-developed medical device promises to offer fresh hope to millions of  women in Europe who suffer from a prolapsed bladder, a common condition in women often caused

European Parliament debate calls for action on possible mineral wool health risks

The European Parliament was the venue last week for a roundtable discussion highlighting the potential health risks of mineral wool, or Man-made Vitreous Fibres (MMVF) as it

Charles Michel elected President of the Council

The European Council has elected Charles Michel as President of the European Council.  The President of the European Council is elected for the period from 1 December 2019 until 31 May


Regional voice in a global academic

Regional voice in a global academic world

I met with Ekaterina Tsaranok the Founder of the Modern Education