Time for Royalty Collection to go Digital

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Russia's Militant Policy

Russia’s militant policy in the post-Soviet space

The dominant role of Russia in the post-Soviet space is an illusion and a delusion. Moscow is no longer seen by its neighbours as a centre of

Biden to visit Belgium in June

President Joseph Biden will travel to the United Kingdom and Belgium in June 2021.  This will be the first overseas travel by President Biden. This trip will
Polisario Leader Brahim Ghali

Polisario leader Brahim Ghali hospitalized in Spain under an assumed name

Polisario leader Brahim Ghali was hospitalized in Spain after being infected with the coronavirus, we learn from well-informed sources, thus confirming information that had been reported by
John Sudworth of BBC broke the news about uyghur slave labour in Xinjiang

China Censors Foreign Journalism

The recent departure from China of a veteran journalist shines a light on how that nation’s regime suppresses journalism from other countries, writes Jianli Yang. Late last

How to Create the Perfect Green Flight

Eurocontrol has released a new study that sets out what actions need to be taken in order to make every air journey as close to a ‘perfect


French Troops in CAR

Is France Trying to Destabilise the CAR?

The security forces of the Central African Republic  (CAR) detained a French citizen this week and seized an impressive cache of weapons and intelligence equipment.

Hoogeveen Joins ECR Group

The Future of Western Sahara

Boris Johnson: The Gambler

Vladimir the Underpants Poisoner