Free Sinem Tezyapar!

Sinem Tezyapar is in jail in Istanbul. She was sentenced by a kangaroo court in Turkey on flawed evidence to 867 years in prison for allegedly belonging

ECJ Rules Poland Out of Line

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has issued a ruling that Poland’s legislative amendments to the rules for appointing judges to the Supreme Court in 2018 and

Cryptocurrency and Digital Law

In an exclusive Q&A with EU Political  Report, top Ukrainian lawyer Kostiantyn Kryvopust, a member of the International Union of Lawyers (UIA), gives an insight into  the cryptocurrency market,

China’s Failings Revealed by US Commission Report

With each passing day, the US-China rivalry intensifies as Beijing struggles to compete against Washington’s power and influence, writes Dr. Jianli Yang. America’s regard for democracy and

Call to Boycott Winter Olympics in China

The European Conservatives and Reformists Party has sent an open letter to the Olympic Committee and has called on the international community to boycott the Winter Olympic

Slovenia Challenging Press Freedom?

Renew Europe says it is “very concerned” about recent political developments in Slovenia related to press freedom.  “The situation in Slovenia is becoming extremely worrying. We want


The Future of Western Sahara

Louis Michel, Former State Minister, and Jacques Brotchi, honorary Président of the Belgium Senate issued the following joint communiqué today. “In politics, “momentum” is decisive.

Boris Johnson: The Gambler

Vladimir the Underpants Poisoner

What you Always Wanted to Know About The White House…But Were Afraid to Ask.

Hands Off Navalny!